The last days have shown how important closeness and sense of togetherness are. In this context our project’s focus is even more relevant then before. “Creative Waves” is  about building a female community, a safe place that fosters bonds and joint work.

As a Baltic Sea Cultural Centre project team, together with the embroiderer Katarzyna Magierowska and the new technologies coach, Dorota Madej, we conducted a series of workshops at the Kwidzyn Cultural Center (Kwidzyńskie Centrum Kultury) in the last two weeks of February. Their participants learned the basics of white embroidery in the Powisle region, transferred its elements to their clothes and designed a prototype of a mobile application that has a chance to support other people learning embroidery in the future.

The workshops sparked a lot of enthusiasm in our group – the girls ”caught the bug” of embroidery and working together. Ideas for new common activities for the future are slowly emerging …

We would like to thank our experts, participants and partners from Kwidzyn for their efforts and time contributed to the workshops.  And we invite you to see the results of 7 workshop sessions.

“The Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood for Change” project supports the creative and social activity of women in the BSR.