Third week of our S.O.S. Climate Waterfront workshop in Stockholm and our participants have now started to work intensively on their proposals of masterplans.

All these weeks the participants are hosted at the facilities of KTH Royal Institute of Technology to work full time in groups.


On Tuesday June 7th, Intercult organised a visit at the sustainable city districts: Hammarby Sjöstad and Sickla. First stop was UNITY at Hammarby Sjöstad, an industrial old turbine hall that the recent years has been transformed to a community of homes and workspaces for professionals.

During this visit the participants had the chance to listen to presentations from Inger Johansson, Project Manager Electricity Innovation and Chairman of the Association Culture in Sjöstaden and Gudrun Walla, Designer and Member of the Association ”Culture in Sjöstaden”




The participants enjoyed a guided tour in the old industrial site of Hammarby Sjöstad that has been developed to a sustainable housing district for 25 000 inhabitants. The unique model of smart city planning and integration of all urban infrastructure is currently being further developed through local climate initiatives and an innovation platform.





Afterwards, the participants walked to Sickla City Centre and Atrium Ljungberg where they were introduced to the site and listened to a presentation about retrofitting of old properties and new developments in sustainable city districts by Håkan Hyllengren, Business Manager and Maria Hammarsten, Information Officer, Atrium Ljungberg.



After a lunch at the industrial designed Cultural Centre of Dieselverkstaden, Östen Ekengren, Senior Adviser of IVL Svenska Miljöinstitutet Swedish Environmental Institute,  presented the best sustainable practices from Swedish cities. The IVL centre shows industrial expertise in the field of integrated urban planning, sustainable energy, water and waste management as well as smart infrastructure. The centre also runs an experimental waste water plant in connection to the main water plant of Stockholm.

During this full of activities day, the international experts learned more about sustainable ways of urban planning and city insfrastucture as well as the role of culture in it.


On Thursday June 9th, the second session of our Nordic Talks event “”The future of our cities – Challenges and solutions in the Nordic region and internationally” funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers & Nordic Council took place at Intercult’s office.

The subject of the discussion was ”How can culture / artists contribute to the social resilience of the city?“ and the invited speakers were:


– Hugi Ásgeirsson (SE) Co-founder of Blivande & Cobudget

– Karen Jonkers (NL) Researcher and Proces-manager C-REALIST

– Annika Bromberg (SE) Set and costume designer with a focus on international performing arts and sustainability

The discussion was moderated by our Iwona Preis, Director of Intercult



The three international experts discussed the role of artists and culture in the global issue of climate change and answered questions such as:

– Can the artists creatively frame a common purpose?

– In which way can the cold scientific facts be translated into human emotions and the intangible issue of climate change be broken into small personal components?

– How can the cultural centres and organisations support these types of actions?

The event was livestreamed on Intercult’s Facebook page.


The week ended with the presentation of the progress of the work of our participants. The ideas, sketches and descriptions sounded very innovative and promising. We are looking forward to the final presentation and digital exhibition of their masterplans next week!