The International Music Council Music Rights Award is given biennially to a programme or a project that supports in an exemplary way one or more of the Five Music Rights enunciated by the Council.

• The recipient will receive a certificate.
• The award will be presented at the International Music Council’s World Forum on Music (Paris, 28 September – 1 October 2019).
• A representative of the winning project or programme will be invited to make a brief presentation at the World Forum on Music.
• The award will be widely promoted through IMC website and social media channels.

Any programme or project supporting one of more of the IMC’s Five Music Rights is eligible.

Nominations for the award can be made by any organization (IMC members and others).
Nominations must be made on the official entry form and must be received by the deadline. Organisations may nominate any programme or project that meets the purpose and criteria, whether belonging to their own organisation or some other.
Each organisation may put forward up to two nominations.

The nominated programme or project:
1. Must support in an exemplary way one or more of the five music rights enunciated by the Council
2. Will be assessed on some or all of these characteristics:
a. Innovation
b. direct impact
c. potential for wider influence and/or sustainability
d. cost-effectiveness

Nominations must be made on the application form. Nominations and supporting materials should be sent by email, with MUSIC RIGHTS AWARDS NOMINATION in the subject line, to d.grosso[at]
Nominations should so far as is possible use the English language. However, if this presents difficulties, nominations may be sent in the other official IMC languages, Spanish or French, and the IMC office will translate them into English for the Advisory Panel, if needed. Nominations may include supporting materials in addition to the completed nomination forms. The supporting materials must also be sent electronically so that they can be easily distributed to the Advisory Panel members. These will not be translated by IMC.

Nominations for the 2019 award must be received by March 25, 2019 midnight CET at the latest.

Nominations will be assessed against the criteria by an Advisory Panel reporting to the Executive Board of the IMC. The Advisory Panel will be composed of one representative of each Regional Music Council, and one of the Board; it will be moderated by an independent chair. The Advisory Panel will recommend ONE winner to be considered by the Board.