Meeting in Tchernyakhovsk of the Kaliningrad team


In the Kaliningrad region the project is generally aiming at women from remote areas living close to nature. The project kick of meeting took place in Tchernyakhovsk at the end of January and brought together 26 women of various ages with backgrounds in such fields as local gastronomy, jewellery, ceramics, textile, photography, contemporary arts, production [...]

Meeting in Tchernyakhovsk of the Kaliningrad team2022-02-28T12:03:01+00:00

Meet the Kaliningrad team!


Kaliningrad part of the "Creative Waves - Baltic Sisterhood of Change" project is organized by a team of 4  women-professionals  with diverse backgrounds in the fields of sociology, urban, environmental and gender activism, geoecology, ecological education, botany, arts and cultural management. All the team members share the value of participatory approaches as well as have [...]

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