Culture Action Europe har startat kampanjen 1% For Culture, en kampanj för att sätta kulturen på agendan inför EU’s budgetförhandlingar för 2020. Skriv under kampanjen om du anser att kulturen spelar en stor roll i i bygget av ett starkt Europa.

De krav som CAE lägger fram är att EU-kommissionen avsätter 1% av budgeten till kultur och att man dubblerar kulturbudgeten.

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Läs Culture Actions Europe’s kulturmanifest i sin helhet här:

We are citizens and organisations who believe that culture is the foundation of European unity. It binds us together and underpins our sense of belonging to the European community;
We believe that culture plays a crucial role in upholding common European values, nourishing mutual understanding among the peoples of Europe and fostering diverse and inclusive societies;
We are artists, policy-makers, cultural operators, students and researchers who hold the firm conviction that culture is a pillar of sustainable societies;
We aspire to put culture at the heart of public debate and decision-making. Culture and the arts are deeply embedded in society and affect a range of policy fields. Robust evidence exists on the positive impact of culture on health and well-being, social cohesion and equality, education, promotion of democratic principles, external relations, alongside with growth and jobs, research and innovation.  
Culture, as the foundation of European unity and key to future prosperity,needs a proper financial commitment to ensure the sustainability of the European project.
National governments and EU policymakers are currently taking decisions on the post 2020 EU budget that will influence the next phase of support to culture. We call on the European Institutions and Member States to recognise the EU added value of cultural investment and translate it to sufficient support in the next EU budget.

  • Ensure that 1% of the budget of each EU policy field is allocated to culture
  • Double the budget for culture

A shared European future is only possible with substantial and sustainable funding for culture both across policy fields and in the framework of a specific cultural programme.

We affirm that a fully democratic European Union is a cultural project. In view of polarising trends in Europe, we must strengthen the European community and respect its diversity!

Support our campaign to put culture at the heart of EU post 2020 budgetary negotiations. Sign the manifestoshare it widely through your social media networkstranslate it in your language and advocate for proper funding for culture with us! Send the petition to your ministries of Culture and Finance and policy-makers. Join the 1% for Culture Campaign!

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