Here you can find answer to common questions about how Access Europa works, membership and more. Don’t you find your answer? As a member you can use the platform’s Facebook group to get a quick answer. As non-member we kindly refer you to Info@accesseuropa.se and we will respond as soon as we can.

Many Swedish cultural actors demands better contact with Europe as well as a better access to information from, amongst others, Brussels, but has poor financial ability to monitor on their own the complex european system or entertain actively an international network. There is also a need for a better transfer of knowledge at home to develop new projects and become active in new context. Access Europa responds to these needs and have the opportunity to develop as a platform through members fees and inputs.

All participants from all of Sweden were welcome to meetings in Stockholm due to logistics. 

No. Access Europa is Intercult’s business platform responding to the cultural sector’s need of internationalization. It is a project built within Intercult’s activity frame.

Intercult is initiator and coordinator for the platform. We run it within our activity frame and develop it together with members. Intercult is one of Sweden’s most experienced and knowledgeable cultural organisational when it comes to European cooperation. Sometimes we are asked how we can produce cooperation projects on our own and at the same time ac as a resource for Swedish cultural sector. To us, the connection is natural. It is through a combination av experience, network and knowledge that we can offer unique services that a state institution, for example, which rarely possesses own experience of project and partnership, can do.

The platform is built upp through a part of Intercult’s activity support from the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm County Council and Stockholm City. As important is the help from members. The more sign for a membership, the stronger the platform becomes and can develop to an active forum and resourse to its members.