European Resource Center for Culture

The European Resource Center for Culture (Europeiskt Resurscentrum för Kultur) aims to increase expertise and interest for international and intercultural issues within all of the cultural sector. Through courses, consultations, conferences and seminars, we want to internationalize and modernize structures within swedish cultural policies.

Resource Model
Intercult’s resource modell is the reason behind working with a European Resource Center for Culture. It is built on the role we play in both Sweden and Europe which has developed under fifteen years. The model combines transmission of experience, expertise and international networking.

We offer expertise within all aspects of international cooperation which stands in a European context:

  • Partnership
  • Financing
  • Reporting
  • Intercultural expertise
  • Project ideas

This combination enable us to be flexible and credible in accordance to the cultural sector’s needs. As an independent organization and based on our own experience, we can also provide advice on financing and the application process. Unfortunately, this service is no longer funded by the City of Stockholm and the Stockholm Region, so we are happy to do so, but subject to time.

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