Woven Network Sweden is a project that aims to highlight and explore women’s voices and experiences around the Covid 19-pandemin in Sweden. Over the course of five months the four participating artists will partake in a series of digital events and artistic research, which will result in a concluding digital exhibition. Woven Network Sweden is a continuation of the European projects Woven Network Ukraine (2020) , Woven Network Govan (2021) and Woven Network Nordics (2021). The project manager of Woven Network Sweden is visual artist and curator Alice Máselníková

Participating artists are: 

  • Amanda Lebert
  • Gülbeden Kulbay
  • Mirjam Hector
  • Sofia Esfandi

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the uncertain situation that both artists and women face in our society.  The project reflects typical female roles in society that are continuously undervalued and underpaid. Roles that are filled with women who are politically, socially and economically underrepresented. 

The artists participating in Woven Network Sweden have a self-reflective role as they, on account of being female artists, themself is part of one of the sectors most impacted by the pandemic. They will explore how artists can cope with their uncertain working conditions, as an already prior to the pandemic underprivileged group. The art created will highlight women’s different roles in society. – from work on the frontline- such as health and education, to the expectation to be the main caregiver for home and family. The concluding digital exhibition will be presented during spring of 2022. 

The project is part of a new initiative by Intercult in conjunction with the European collaboration in which art is used as the key to social changes, both locally and globally.

The Digital Exhibition 

Amanda Lebert:

Is a performing artist, set designer, lighting designer, technician and performance artist based in Malmö.
She likes to work with colour, textil, costumes, tech, and more unexpected materials such as pliers and gel.
Amanda is interested in interactivity and gladly creates characters that get to interact with the surroundings.

Gülbeden Kulbay:

Gülbeden Kulbay is a multifaceted artist based in Stockholm.
She works with the body and the personal story as a foundation, material and tools in her community and performance art pieces.
She is active as an artist and teacher in performance art, nationally and internationally.
She has also recently begun a close and longtime cooperation with Svenska kanotförbundet, The Swedish Sports Confederation, and Idrottsförvaltningen.

Mirjam Hector: 

Mirjam Hector, visual artist mostly working with photo, film, text, sound and installations.
Often proceed from the personal story.
Have participated in multiply solo and group exhibitions, as well as international residencies.
Recently moved back to Stockholm.

Sofia Esfandi:

Sofia Esfandi is a podcast producer, scriptwriter, sounddesigner and editor.
She is active in the Malmö based production company  Mill Meadow Media.
Sofia describes her craft as “film for the ears” where she uses audio and storytelling to give voice to stories that otherwise don’t get heard.