The webinar The Digital Culture presented three exciting conversations with pictures, videos and practical examples from three experts in different areas of digitized interaction within the artistic scene.

Working with digital solutions, tools and experiences has been greatly affected by the pandemic in recent years. At a time when artists, cultural workers and actors within the cultural and creative industries (CCI) – now more than ever – have to adapt to new demands to producing experiences in a format other than the physical – we at Europe Direct Stockholm arranged a webinar about what is happening now within “The Digital Culture ” with examples from Sweden and from Europe.

Questions addressed during the conversation:

  • What opportunities and practical tools are there to create digital cultural experiences today?
  • How have parts of the cultural sector’s use of digital tools been affected by the pandemic?
  • What digital technology and digital platforms are used today to create digital interaction / digital cultural experiences?
  • What digital cultural experiences and educations are there today in other European cities?


During the webinar on Friday, March 18, 2022, these experts discussed:

   🎙️ Fredrik Trella – Researcher and Developer at RISE Prototyping Societies

   🎙️ Joachim Nordwall – Curator and responsible for the Fourth Stage, digital stage, Folkteatern Göteborg

   🎙️ Helen Riise – Intercult, project manager for the Erasmus + project Bridging Digital

the questions above based on their work and activities in a livestream on Intercult’s Youtube channel!


Shaping Europe’s digital future
Digital technology is changing people’s lives. The EU’s digital strategy will ensure that the digital transition works for all people and companies and at the same time contributes to a climate-neutral EU 2050. We at Europe Direct Stockholm look forward to future discussions about the digital technology, strategy and will continue to highlight the development within The Digital Culture.

  • On the European Commission’s website, you can read more about what the shaping Europe’s digital future looks like and what it means to you – by clicking HERE.