Intercult´s webinar series (four sessions): HOW THE USE OF DIGITAL MEDIA CAN STRENGTHEN LOCAL CULTURE

This methodology webinar series from Intercult, gives you examples, from invited cultural experts within the digital field, on how the use of digital media can strengthen and add value to local culture and smaller communities in risk of being forgotten.

The second webinar in the series discusses the topic: “Contributing to the building of social capital in communities through bridging digital” with executive director and cultural planner Liz Gardiner from Fablevision in Scotland.

Speakers from Intercult:

Liz Gardiner has been working with two case studies of community led projects where the injection of digital arts is making a difference!

The first case study is a UWS initiative with students and staff in their New Media Arts department. Over several years they have worked with an emerging Dunure Development Trust aiming to attract tourism to this beautiful but struggling ex fishing village with its historic castle, lighthouse and scenery.
– Fablevision documented the December light and sound projection event at Dunure Castle which local people and council members intend to build into an annual event for tourists and locals alike raising awareness of the treasures of Dunures’ vibrant heritage attractions.

The second case study is a community charity called Renfrewshire Witch Hunt 1697 that since 2012 has been researching and raising awareness of the 17th century events surrounding the young Christian SHAW who accused almost 30 people of witchcraft and had 7 of them sentenced to death in the summer of 1697.

StudioFV and UWS are bringing digital technology to the creation of a digital application linked to mobile phones that will support the project in its awareness raising mission.

The first webinar of Intercult´s webinar series (four sessions):“Den Digitala Kulturen” was held in Swedish and was live streamed on the 18th of March 2022.