Climate challenges and the arts: urban time scales, inclusion and future flexibility
Digital workshop 16 November,  arranged by KTH and Färgfabriken.

Europa Direkt Stockholm and Intercult participate today in a digital workshop “Climate challenges and the arts: urban time scales, inclusion and future flexibility” the workshop is taking place both and IRL at the amazing venue of the art institution called Färgfabriken. This special setting of an old industrial building that has now been transformed to an art space is a suitable space for some creative and inspiring discussions on the links between science and the arts and how we can combine our experiences in different urban settings in Europe to manage contemporary and future climate challenges. An ongoing exhibition is Symbiosis.

The workshop is a part of the preparations for a spring event co-organised by KTH and Intercult within the scope of S.O.S for waterfronts, a Horizon 2020 Marie Curie European collaboration. Urban strategies for managing stormwater and crafting robust solutions to cope with future climate challenges are receiving renewed attention with events of heavy rainfall and costly effects from flooding we have seen in Sweden and internationally in the past years. With this workshop we will look into some of these challenges and also discuss dilemmas with some proposed solutions. These solutions are themselves raising new questions about how to communicate alternative solutions and “solutions for whom”…

  • how can solutions be communicated to citizens, experts, and policymakers?
  • what are the time perspective we apply for climate robust solutions in renewal of cities?
  • how can a diverse set of voices be heard when crafting new solutions?
  •  how can we build solutions that are flexible enough to create room for maneuver needed in the future?

…for urban areas when facing new – and sometimes – unexpected climate challenges.

One part of the workshop is an interactive session “Let’s talk about climate communication!”