KEA just completed a new research for the European Parliament, which will be presented at the CULT Committee meeting on 10 October 2018. As mobility in the cultural and creative sectors is receiving increased policy attention at EU and national levels, the study will directly support the legislative work of the Committee on the proposal on the new Creative Europe programme (2021-2027).

In line with the New European Agenda for Culture, the proposal recognises a general lack of EU support to mobility of artists and creative professionals. In this regard, the upcoming pilot mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals to be implemented under Creative Europe will be a first step in establishing a cultural mobility programme at EU level.

Highlighting the importance of mobility in the cultural and creative sectors, KEA’s new report comes timely to provide recommendations guiding the implementation of a European mobility framework which should entail both a dedicated mobility scheme and an improved regulatory environment. Recommendations are geared towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Promote cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding among Europeans;
  • Generate economic and social innovation by encouraging mobility that supports experimentation, cross-disciplinary and transnational collaborations;
  • Support the internationalisation of artists, culture professionals and entrepreneurs through pan-European networking and collaboration with third countries.

Read the full report here.