During 2018-2019 Intercult initiated the project Wood is Cool together with Project North and Arctic Art Institute. Wood is Cool aimed at establishing contacts and introducing the subject of preservation of cultural heritage through an active involvement of civil society in urban planning of Archangelsk, with artists from Stockholm implementing cultural methods on working with citizens, architects and other stakeholders.

Wood is Cool has created a platform for exchange of methods and processes between the cultural sector and practices for urban development. The project has deepened the connection between the Russian and Swedish partner organisations and deepened the partner organisations network and competence of expertise. The project has raised awareness of cultural heritage through creative processes and by introducing methods for democratic participation, a local engagement and social dialogue. The project Wood is Cool has been a starting point for the process to create a cultural center for youths focused on contemporary local urban environment, design and architecture (with wood as a key theme).

The project resulted in a SWAT-analysis of the current situation for the wooden buildings of Archangelsk as well as an analysis on two buildings that could function as a cultural center for youths in the future. Take part of the results here.