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Following the pandemic, two projects are underway, Digital Blackbox (Kulturbryggan) led by Smart Coop and Bridging Digital (Erasmus+) led by Intercult.

Both projects investigate how performing arts actors in Sweden and Europe have adapted to the pandemic. But they also aim to identify what can develop the digital performing arts, the audience meeting, and what voids could not be filled.

In the preliminary study for the digital blackbox project, around 20 performing arts producers have been interviewed about the forced digitalisation that the pandemic has brought. The interviews draw a map of the difficulties that performing arts producers have experienced, but also provide answers as to what skills-enhancing measures need to be put in place.

Performing arts are what arise in the meeting between an audience and a stage production, but also between people in the audience before and after a performance. The organizer and producer are united in a symbiosis for the audience. One facilitates the audience meeting and the other is responsible for the content on stage. The pandemic shattered this symbiosis and the consequences were many.
Suddenly, the responsibility for facilitating both production and audience meeting lay on performing arts producers. For many, the solution was to document, and publish online, without any real consideration of the social aspects of the audience meeting.
In this first webinar, we want to give you the tools to learn lessons from your own projects, but also point out lessons learned from the rest of the industry:

How do you create digital audience meetings with feelings?
What sociological triggers are shaping the audience meeting?
How do you use the audience curiosity to grab its attention?
What are the exciting digital performing arts that we can be inspired by?

Welcome to a double workshop that gives you the tools to create a digital audience meeting with feelings. Together with Stefan Stanišić from Bombina Bombast and Peter Ljungstrand from RISE. The event is organized by Intercult and Smart Coop.


14:00 Introduction
Fredric Öslöf (Smart Coop/Digital Blackbox) summarizes the results of the feasibility study with Digital Blackbox.

Workshop with Peter Ljungstrand, RISE
Peter Ljungstrand (RISE) introduces us to how to think about the physical and digital audience meeting. How can we, based on sociology, build digital audience meetings with feelings? Seminar, talks and workshop.

Pause 5 min

15:00 Workshop with Stefan Stanišić, Bombina Bombast
Stefan Stanišić gives us perspectives on digitalization and innovation. Presentation, Conversation and workshop about physical and digital performing arts experiences that are felt. Who is responsible for the audience meeting when the audience meeting takes place from a distance?

16:00 Reflect with other participants

16:15 Closing
Summary and mingle for those who want to talk further

Stefan Stanišić, together with Emma Bexell, is artistic director of Bombina Bombast, a touring performing arts company based in Malmö. Since its inception in 2011, the company has created over 30 original works for stage and film characterized by the recent meeting between performing arts and innovative technologies with a focus on virtual reality.

Peter Ljungstrand is research and development manager at RISE. Peter has worked with research and development in interaction design and related areas since 1997 and is an expert in design methods, with a particular focus on interaction design, user-centered design, gamification and motivation, as well as feedback and visualization.

The host is Fredric Öslöf, Project Manager for Digital Blackbox at Smart Coop. The webinar is free of charge, but we expect you to turn on video and microphone as you are expected to participate in conversations with workshop leaders and other participants.