On Europe Day, 9 May 2022, the “Amplify Swedish Hub” coordinated by Trans Europe Halles, of which Europa Direkt Stockholm and Intercult are a part of, we presented our key messages for the #AmplifyinAction event:

  • Lower the thresholds for participation
  • More transparency and openness to new cultural actors to avoid monopoly
  • More competence on all levels (cultural leadership, grant givers, decision makers, policy makers etc.) to assess professional quality in multicultural arts
  • Create a funding scheme for cultural infrastructure, for example reparation of premises
  • Cultural actors generate economy to a place/city/town/other persons salaries – but are the ones who are less paid
  •  A healthy society requires a healthy cultural sector which requires healthy working conditions and social security systems
  • Earmark money to protect everyone’s right to culture, despite socioeconomical background.


To Europa Direkt Stockholm and Intercult´s workshop (25 november 2021):  “AMPLIFY – a conversation about the role of culture in the future of the European project”
we invited participants which were cultural workers, cultural producers and students to Subtopia, which is located in the south of Stockholm county, and is a centre for art, culture, and social engagement.

During the workshop, we discussed key themes and issues around the view of culture in the future of Europe but also on the possibilities of culture to have a stronger role in creating Europe’s future and civil society. Our workshop shows an important case of how art, culture and politics can be intertwined and then connect and reach even more people. So that change and the future of Europe can be built from different perspectives and voices – to make the future of Europe more inclusive.


See more from #Europeday22 and the Amplify project’s concluding message to EU decision-makers at:

Here you can also read more about Intercult and Europa Direkt Stockholm’s workshop and what key messages and suggestions that were created by the participants:


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