Virtuellt vernissage – Möt Konsten live!


Ni är inbjudna till ett virtuellt vernissage av Intercult i Arena STOFF:s digitala kulturhus! Upplev våra projekt Eyelander, Skapa scenkonst med VR och Woven Network på ett unikt digitalt sätt! Fjorton konstnärer kommer att ställa ut sina verk i två virtuella rum. Detta är en unik upplevelse som ni inte vill missa! .  Datum: Tisdagen [...]

Virtuellt vernissage – Möt Konsten live!2023-06-22T08:57:42+00:00



. Aprill Wise Spendrup is an artist who works with different techniques; oil, tempera, acrylic, watercolor and collage. Aprill describes that what is always strongly present is the coloristic encounter with different forms that lead to an image result. "It can be a journey in the image's own reality that actually takes over [...]


EYELANDER – spring and summer 2023


EYELANDER 👁 Intercult's new digital art project that, from an artistic perspective, explores questions about the climate and cultural heritage in Stockholm! We are so happy about the project's 10 participating artists who will now in the spring of 2023 explore and work with a cultural heritage in the municipality that represents the project 👁 [...]

EYELANDER – spring and summer 20232023-02-24T13:35:24+00:00


. Tobias Sjöberg, born in 1979, have studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Goldsmiths in London and the Royal Stockholm School of Art. His work touches on recurring questions about our contemporary worldview perspectives. How do we shape and reshape our worldview based on what is completely self-perceived? Sjöberg works [...]

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