In April 2022  the team at Intercult held the workshop “Create Performing Arts with Digital Tools”. The purpose of the workshop was to inspire the creation of productions with elements of digital tools, both in terms of the artistic and for broadcast and marketing. Being able to create an atmosphere and interaction from a traditional analog stage space – to also becoming a digital experience – is today a new forum for the performing arts in Sweden.

How do you make performing arts digital and theater VR user-friendly for new technology users but still remain exciting for those who already are skilled with digital tools? This question is important because we at Intercult want to raise this challenge to further develop the performing arts’ use and complement of digital tools.

This workshop is part of our project Bridging Digital, a European collaboration funded by Erasmus +, which focuses on innovative methods to increase digital competence in the creative sector and in informal education – where Intercult (Sweden) is the leading partner. This workshop was in collaboration with Kulturreservatets folkhögskola, SMART coop and with Filmmaker, FilmCurator and Immersive producer Jonas Myrstrand – Studio Jox.

During the workshop, these questions were answered:

  • How can the performing arts be developed with the help of digital tools that can work even with technology that most people already have access to?
  • How have the actors in the performing arts adapted to the new conditions that arose when the physical experiences were changed to digital during the pandemic?
  • What digital tools can you use to develop the performing arts and audience meetings?

by Jonas Myrstrand during his presentation “The New Normal”. Jonas also told the participants about various digital storytelling tools and techniques that today are developing and evolving in the world of performing arts.

Do you want to know more and also take part in the answers to the questions?

Stay updated for upcoming film with Jonas Myrstrand LIVE from Kulturreservatets folkhögskola with the presentation “The New Normal”!

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In the meantime, you can look at these inspiring photos and videos from Briding Digital’s workshop:





Thanks again to Jonas Myrstrand for the inspiring presentation and the exciting Virtual Reality experience. And thanks to all the participants who contributed to making this workshop a unique experience!