Registration for Skolval 2022 to the parliament is open and all of Sweden’s upper secondary and upper secondary schools are welcome to one of Sweden’s largest democracy initiatives for young people!

To get a quick and fun insight into why it is important to participate in School Choice 2022, how school choice works and what support is available – see the film by MUCF below:

Young people’s participation and knowledge of democracy are in the long run crucial for the survival of democracy.
School choice wants to prepare you as a student to vote and make your voice heard through a simulated choice. But it is about so much more than just the election itself, when a ballot paper is placed in the ballot box. It is the path to the school election result that matters and the path afterwards. Talk democracy and politics in the classroom! Give students the conditions to make conscious choices they can stand for when the real election day comes and show how they can be affected in society here and now.

To facilitate students’ work in the classroom, MUCF has developed a Democracy Package for the school.
A package that contains lesson plans, training materials and teacher guides. Lots of tips and ideas on how to talk democracy with young people, increase their interest in societal issues and understanding of democratic processes. A way to prepare students with knowledge so that they can make conscious choices in the autumn of 2022.

Register your school for School Choice 2022 today by clicking HERE!


Source: Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society Affairs (MUCF)

Photo by: Artem Podrez from Pexels