Intercult and Europa Direkt Stockholm wants to raise citizens’ perspectives in the debate on European cultural issues in Sweden by joining the dialogue on the future of the European project.

Together with our partners; Trans Europe Halles, Subtopia, Blivande, Smart Coop, Fanzingo, Medborgarskolan and The Good Talents, we arranged a workshop in Botkyrka to get more voices and proposals to be noticed on the Conference on the future of Europe public platform.

On 25 November 2021 at Subtopia’s premises, a group of participants, active within the cultural sector, discussed the voice of civil society in the public European debate and on the possibilities of culture to have a stronger role in creating Europe’s future. After the workshop AMPLIFY– a talk about the role of culture in the future of the European project, the results have now been summarized and a list of proposals has been published on the Conference on the Future of Europe platform. The proposals are now part of a collection of recommendations from 12 other countries and will be presented directly to the European Parliament, through our partner, the pan-European network Culture Action Europe (CAE).


  • Include the arts and the potential of EU citizens as unifying elements in society and between cultures
    In order for the cultural sector, community building and for our well-being to be included in EU political decisions, we want the voice of citizens to be included to a greater extent in the decision-making process.


  • Decentralization of EU sources of knowledge, regulations and funding
    Simplify collaborations both within and outside the EU, clarify and simplify regulations and adapt these to a wider diversity.


  • Adapt and simplify EU grant applications and their processes
    Now a high level of knowledge is needed to understand and manage.
    For the possibility to contribute with several different types of support in the process, both physically and digitally. Easier to assimilate the support or other benefits for more people.


  • More support for collaborations between culture & other sectors
    Promote synergies: for example the technology industry, urban development and the gaming industry, to broaden the relevance of culture.


  • Involve young people and students, value their initiatives, in decision-making processes within the EU
    Young people contribute to new perspectives and commitment to EU inclusivity and accessibility. Create more local opportunities for young people to get involved in EU issues and culture. Include culture more in education plans, as it is a contributing factor in counteracting social inequalities and discrimination.


  • Increased opportunities for exchanges in vocational training through Erasmus +


  • Make EU closer to the local community
    We want the EU to improve its presence in the local community, create funding focused on local actions.


  • Raise the status of culture and cultural workers
    Meeting places and public spaces disappear. We want common areas to be used, valued and preserved, for example libraries.


A BIG thank you to all the engaging participants and to our partners for the exciting but above all important event!