Woven Session #2: We are in one place but walking with another

Alisa Oleva, Maria Pronina and t s Beall

Woven sessions go on. This time you have opportunity to weave stories with Alisa Oleva (London, UK), Mariа Pronina (Mariupol, Ukraine) and T.s. Beall (Glasgow & Dumfries, Scotland) in a shared walk.

Join us as we seek to establish a rhythm of walking, working, and caring together across borders.
We are 3 women artists working in Ukraine, England, and Scotland — and we invite you to walk with us.

What does it mean to care? How do we create care, and what goes into the solidarity of care-working? We will gather by whatsapp and share images, sounds, and our voices in three languages as we embark on a shared walking meditation of caring, walking, movement, and care-as-work.

We consider this walk to be a moving collage, examining the thematics of the Woven Network project and our (individual) creative works within it. In walking together, we begin to embody a forward-vision of our work as woven together.

We invite our audience to join us by whatsapp group through the link below. On Friday at the agreed time we all start walking, wherever we are. The artists will walk and share together for the first half of the walk, and in the second half they will invite the audience to contribute as well. Participants should have a mobile device with internet connection and ideally the possibility of sending photos, text, audio, or video via WhatsApp.

In Ukranian, Russian, and English.
With images, sounds, videos, voice messages, and live translations.