Woven Session #1: Artistic discussion on economy and everything

Oksana Kazmina and Iwona Zając

The best way to spend friday night is having a glass of drink of your choice while talking about economy, inequality and privilege. That is what artists Oksana Kazmina (Ukraine) and Iwona Zajac (Poland) are planning to do. Zoom room between Kyiv and Gdansk will open the series of biweekly public events within Woven Network project.

Woven session #1 will be the essential breakthrough for both artists in getting acquainted with each other and sharing ideas for collaborations. Oksana Kazmina and Iwona Zajac both explore themes of economic inequality, classism and power in their arts, so the talk will be exciting.

Oksana Kazmina (Kyiv, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian documentary film maker, media artist and performer. Iwona Zajac (Gdansk, Poland) is a visual artist and a doctor of art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.