On January 14 we celebrated the digital exhibition opening of Woven Network Nordics project!
Our four international artists [Brynhild Bye-Tiller (NO), Emma Hirsk (SE/IE), Dina Abu Hamdan (DK/JO) and Katarzyna Piórek (SE/PL)] presented their work which is focused on the COVID-19 pandemic affecting the role of women and women artists, using digital tools and socially engaged approaches.
Katarzyna Piórek works on the invisible problems that immigrants are facing.
Their spilt voices say “Yes I’m here but I am not the same person that I was before and I can’t find who am I. I don’t want to be split!”

Kluven is a documentary project, to be developed and created from a series of interviews with migrant women who have been forced or have chosen to move from their homeland to new life situations with unknown cultural references, social codes and political heritage. Within Kluven, I want to focus on invisible problems and illustrate the burdens of the human condition. I examine the identity of immigrants through my own perspective and try to find a common narrative. Through a collection of interviews, I also correlate my own personal experiences with the emotional conflicts, compromises, struggles to balance between two worlds, to cross borders and start anew in an unknown country, to highlight the global fate of immigrants.


Katarzyna Piorek was born in 1973 based in Stockholm. As a visual artist, she works with classic media: painting, drawing, film installation and animation, combining various art forms and creating a new dimension of artistic expression. She completed her education at the University of the Arts in Poznań, Poland, and at Stockholm University of the Arts.She is one of the artists who manage Studio 44, an artist-run gallery located in a unique place: Kapsylen, a cultural collective located in an old factory, in Södermalm, in the heart of Stockholm. She works professionally with film: documentary and animation films are her biggest passion. www.kasiapiorek.com