We are living in a time of crisis where arts and cultural organisations are marginalised and isolated but it is a fact that they become stronger when they are embedded and supported by their community. How can cultural organisations and individuals increase art in the community and be of help to the wider community?
This event is a part of the summary activities of our Erasmus+ funded project “I_Improve” where for the last three years we are promoting audience engagement through culture.
The aim of this webinar is to learn new approaches and be shaped to creatively intervening on the urban landscape as a means of affecting social change. We want to raise awareness of the positive benefits of such interventions and foster support for the dedication of resources which increase the provision of training opportunities for cultural organisations.
Art practice is always the acupuncture point for the artist to steer, guide and build the conversation between the local community and decision makers. In this webinar we will pinpoint practices and methods that have equal commitment to both the quality of the aesthetic and social justice agendas. These methods are not random. Rather, there are factors and ingredients that are consistently present which can be analysed, documented and repeated in different contexts.
On June 16th 2021 at 15.00 CET, four socially engaged and changemaking women artists and practitioners present the frame of their community building methodology giving examples of their work.
Liz Gardiner, artist, teacher doctoral candidate with the University of the West of Scotland, free-lance consultant specialising in cultural planning and executive director of Fablevision
Ts Beall, socially-engaged artist & researcher
Dina Abu Hamdan, Interdisciplinary artist, artistic director, producer
Gülbeden Kulbay, multi-artist working with Performance and Community-Art
Keynote listener: Lia Ghilardi, international expert in cultural DNA mapping and local development.
Conversation leader: Iwona Preis, CEO Intercult