On 07 July 2021 River//Cities Foundation hosted from Gdansk – on digital platform our last transnational (TM5) event which is closing our I_Improve project’s chapter.


The meeting in Gdansk was focused on impact, dissemination and use of the project results. All the partners talked about the highlights of our activities over the project, rounded up the results and checked to what extent our tasks have been completed.


Even though each of us have learnt and followed each other’s progress, it was very interesting to hear the summaries of partner’s projects, see snapshots and short films documenting each other’s work, and to learn about partner’s early successes of dissemination.


It was also very evident that all of us are really proud of what was achieved during this difficult and lengthy project, especially that during its course many of us had to transition from working in what we knew as a norm to a digital platform (because of the pandemic). .


We also shared our feelings on the project, on the whole learning process, talked about the highs and lows, and most importantly about the feeling which most of us share, that even though the project is officially finishing, it is just the beginning for our projects outcomes – to be shared with others, showcased, duplicated, enjoyed.


One of the outcomes of the project was a creation of the game which reflects different aspects of methodologies developed and produced by partners.


List of specific topics

Spreading the interventions and their methodologies (activities)

–   What is your project about? What is the method and the result, which your organization shares with the policy-makers / communities?

– Who are the addressees of the knowledge that you share? What institutions, organizations, communities (please be explicit commenting)?

–  What was the role of change-maker, what change did he or she help to achieve?

– Dissemination: How do you disseminate the results of your project? Please name the info-channels, share the links.


Spreading the learning approach (reflective conclusions)

– Please share your findings from this process: what have you learned and what can be applied to the practice of other organizations?

– Impact: How do you bring your community together, what forms of cooperation do you use?

— Sustainability: What is a perspective of further development, implementation of the method, solution that you developed?