In 2016, Intercult arranged a conference together with Riksteatern with the main theme, Migration & Culture.

No subject is more important and debated in Europe than the issue of migration. We want to attack the phenomenon from different angles reflected through:

  • Cultural initiatives
  • Proposition on political changes placing culture in the centre for the initial meeting with migrants

How can we create opportunities for a successful exchange in both Sweden and the rest of Europe? How can we form strategies undermining xenophobia within both politics and human contact?

Moving Inwards
Faced with rapid population changes, pressure is put on the dominant culture to adapt. What happens to us when we welcome a critical mass of people with diverse values, cultural experiences and traditions? What are we willing to change inside of ourselves? How can we prepare ourselves for a worthy mutual transformation?

Moving Outwards
How can we contribute to constructive development for the ”Others”, the newcomers? How can we provide conditions for each individual to realize his/her potential? What are the critical factors: language? education? jobs? housing? security? How important is a sense of belonging?

Moving Together
There are many examples of meaningful collaborations between citizens and refugees, in the early stages of their arrival, throughout Europe. These often are the result of actions of cultural solidarity with a long-term perspective. What can we learn from our European colleagues? What initiatives – like the Voices of Culture, the structured dialogue group on migration and refugees – are happening at the EU level? What can be done to create space and conditions for an empowering dialogue?