Take part of the short documentary film about Gdansk Shipyard to the right.

Description of the film:
Gdansk Shipyard. The world-famous place of birth and victory of Solidarity. Place of construction of modern ships and a source of prosperity of Gdańsk for almost 150 years. For large machines and small people, always full, consciously planted trees, bushes and flowers.
After the fall in 1996, the Cradle of Solidarity was bought by two American investment funds. The process of its transformation into a waterfront business center began in 2006 with the liquidation of witnesses to historic events: historic buildings, cranes and other equipment, as well as many old trees. “Nature of Shipyard ” shows a short, several-year suspension period, between the former, wonderful past, bathed in lush greenery, and the potential forthcoming transformation into an urban new creation, in which people-machines will race in the concrete jungle of shiny skyscrapers. The final scene of the film is a warning about such a future of this important, historic place and at the same time a suggestion not to forget about the Green Nature in the forthcomming urban developments.

The film was made by Roman Sebastyanski in 2017.

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