Woven session #4 – Outside observer
with artists Olia Fedorova and Iwona Zając

Friday 30 October – 3 pm – Live on Intercult’s Facebook page!

Does activism have to always be direct and obvious?

Often artists face the urge to respond to the problem and at the same time remain distanced. The more painful is the problem, the more emotional resources needed to stay outside. Current abortion law in Poland has actualized the need to reflect on methods and languages artists use in order to address the political issue.

Guilt, pressure, personal choice, private VS public, expectations and power – what it takes to remain distanced outside observer for artists in times of crisis? Artists with great experience of being outside (in both meanings) will talk about it next Friday.

In our next session, Olia Fedorova (Kharkiv, Ukraine) and Iwona Zając (Gdańsk, Poland) will touch the themes of artistic observation of the current events, emotional involvement and withdrawal from sensitive subjects, societal pressure to react on important topics and much more. Welcome to the relaxed conversation on painful topic.

Join us in ZOOM call on October 30th 15:00 Stockholm time to hear and learn, what it’s like to be an outside observer with an ability and power to speak up, or stay silent. Language of discussion is English.

The link to a Zoom call will be published in this Facebook event on the day of the event. If you don’t have an opportunity to join us on Zoom, watch live streaming at Platform TU, Intercult and Fablevision’s studio Facebook pages.

Woven session is a series of artist-talks in frames of Woven network/ Women network about art and everything.

Woven network/ Women network is supported by European Union under House of Europe programme.

Welcome to take part in this discussion!