The Arts Council Norway is leading the project “Inkluderande kulturliv I Norden” (Inclusive cultural life in the Nordics) together with Intercult and have initiated a mapping of experiences around inclusion in the sphere of culture. The result is the report A place in culture – comments on a diverse arts and cultural life in the Nordics

The report A place in culture – comments on a diverse arts and cultural life in the Nordics presents an overview on existing Nordic reports, policy and art praxis, which are linked to cultural diversity, inclusion and interculture – primarily for the Nordic cultural scene 1995-2018. The report starts with an extensive Nordic bibliography and thereafter presents an overview of existing art projects and initiatives, which all support an inclusive cultural life from a Nordic, European and international perspective. Lastly the report looks into cultural policy in the Nordics regarding diversity.

The report is produced by the partnership Nordic Forum for Interculture (NFI), initiated by the four cultural organizations and resource centres Intercult, Center for Kunst & Interkultur (CKI), Transcultural Arts Production (TrAP) och Interkultur Drammen. The project is funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Arts Council Norway.

The report was initiated 2017 and will be updated regularly during 2019. It will also be presented at the conference Folk och Kultur in Sweden in February 2019.

– The objective with the report has been to illustrate the diversity of projects and good examples that exists to help new initiatives a bit on the way, says Silje Eikemo Sande, project leader for Inclusive cultural life in the Nordics. That is why it’s important to pass the report to politicians, cultural administrations and institutions, and hopefully implement the material in future work with diversity in the cultural life in the Nordics.

Read the report here.

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