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Intercult has together with other European resource centers in the main Nordic countries (Denmark and Norway) initiated the platform Nordic Forum for Interculture. Nordic Forum for Interculture (NFI) is a cross-border network for nordic recourse centers that works for intercultural diversity, promoting new initiatives for cultural inclusion, diversity of cultural expressions and inclusive societies. NFI aims to confront the challenges that cultural sector is facing with our diverse society, disseminating experiences, facilitating exchange of experiences and as task force introducing tools for culture to work with intercultural dialogues in different sectors.


  • The network presented a first report, Plads i Kulturen, in November 2018 with the network experiences. Read the report here.
  • A final report, In search for True Inclusion and Practice – An Overview of texts, projects and practice on cultural diversity in the arts and culture sector in the Nordic Region, was presented in December 2019. Intercults main responsibility was mapping of reports, books and projects on inclusivity, diversity and participation in Sweden. Read the report here. 


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