New collaboration at Intercult!
Nordic Culture Point are supporting the project New Nordic Voices for coloured girls – a collaboration between Intercult, Caisa (Finland) and ACT New Nordic Voices (Denmark) that takes a closer look at the Nordic African context of the first play.

New Nordic voices are an initiative created by ACT (Afro-Cosmopolite Thespians) in Denmark. ACT was created in 2015 by a group of international artists residing in Denmark. New Nordic Voices presents the visibility of Nordic minorities through exploring selected theatre works of Nordic icons & juxtaposing them alongside Global south icons. New Nordic Voices seeks to build networks and collaborations between Nordic minority artists and create plays with working groups consisting of Nordic artists with diverse backgrounds.

During 2019, New Nordic Voices – for coloured girls is to create, weave, equalise and disseminate the theatre production “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide” by Ntozake Shange as juxtaposed with the Finnish Nordic Iconic classic “The Workers Wife” by Minna Canth from a global standpoint of multiple cultures sharing a stage.

The rehearsals starts in January 2019 at Intercult, Sweden and it will premiere at Caisa in Helsinki March 9 2019.