What is Memory of Water Digital Lab?
Are you interested in post industrial water-front development? Is the waterfront in your city the source of creative inspirations? Join the Memory of Water Digital Lab online on Wednesday 17 April, hosted by the city of Levadia where artists from the Creative Europe funded Memory of Water  project are making their artistic interventions. You will also have the opportunity to glimpse what’s  happening in other partner cities: Gdansk (Poland), Govan (Scotland), Ostend (Belgium) and Stockholm (Sweden).

Wednesday, 17th April 2019. 11:00-14:00 (Swedish time), 12:00-15:00 (local Greek time)

Online at Facebook Live with artists and participants of the Memory of Water project.

What is a Digital Lab?
An important aspect of the Memory of Water project is called DIGITAL LAB: an exciting shared space for interrogation and debate. Live, online and thoroughly participatory, we are promoting a series of online dialogues around important shared learning arising from our various experiences of participatory artistic interventionism on post-industrial waterfront heritage zones.

As the name implies, artists working on Memory of Water are attempting to gather the memories that linger in the water molecules in our rivers: traces of memory from the industries, the people and the activities that have dominated our waterfronts. In the examples of Ostend, Govan, Gdansk, Gothenburg, Limerick and Levadia, those industries are no longer as dominant as they once were and the cities are searching for what should be the next stages of their development.

Everyone is welcome to join online! We need your thoughts, your personal lived experience, your ideas and your own suggested solutions discovered through your own explorations. The results of these dialogues will be shared with our partner cities, the national governments of all participating nations and the European Union.

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