Kaliningrad part of the ”Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood of Change” project is organized by a team of 4  women-professionals  with diverse backgrounds in the fields of sociology, urban, environmental and gender activism, geoecology, ecological education, botany, arts and cultural management. All the team members share the value of participatory approaches as well as have experience of collaboration on a number of major regional community & activism initiatives.


Anna Alimpieva, PhD Sociology


As a scholar focuses on the issues of regional and local identity in the Kaliningrad region, gender issues, cultural memory and public participation. Urban, eco- and gender activist. Activism experience: public opinion research and lecturing on activism topics, writing of complaints and appeals to local authorities, meeting and discussion with officials and urban residents, educational activities, organization of conferences, workshops and other events, social media marketing, fundraising.


Alexandra Artamonova is a journalist and art critic based in Kaliningrad. She writes about contemporary art from the Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia for Arterritory.com. She is also a member of the performance art group «Gentle Women».


Yulia Bardun

Yulia Bardun is cultural manager, curator and trainer, with over 20 years of professional experience. Her efforts were fundamental for launching bottom-up capacity development processes in the field of culture and strengthening contemporary arts and culture sector in her native Kaliningrad region. She has first-hand experience of cross-border (both in terms of geography and disciplines) arts and culture cooperation in the post-socialist era of EU-Russia contexts, specifically in the contemporary arts framework in the Nordic-Baltic region.


Maria Kohanovskaya, PhD Geography

In her activist and educational practices focuses on the culture of ecology, sustainable development and educational policies. Feminist advocating for gender equality. For over 15 years has worked at the Department of Geography of the I.Kant Federal State University in Kaliningrad. Deputy Director at the Secondary School 28 in Kaliningrad.  Mother of 3 children, incorrigible optimist, happy to be born and living in Kaliningrad. Authored over 30 publications on geocology, environmental issues, public and informal education, cross-cultural education.