In our Erasmus+ project Bridging Digital, the participants from Hellenic Adult Association were artists and learners at the same time.


Vangelis Kalambakas is a film director, producer and cinematographer. His filmography includes both fiction and documentary works, many of which have earned prestigious awards in international festivals and have been broadcast in several countries. He is also a teacher of Film and Audiovisual Media, having served as a faculty member at the Film Department of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the Plato Academy adult-education program of the University of Athens and the Hellenic Open University, where he currently teaches in a post-graduate program. He has a long and productive collaboration with the Hellenic Adult Education Association.

As part of the creative team of the Bridging-Digital project, Vangelis was instrumental in developing and discussing the aesthetic, practical and educational aspects of the particular application, as well as conducting a series of hands-on creative workshops with “Angels of Joy”, our partner team. He has also directed and shot the 33-minute  documentary film “At the Site of the Angels”, which documents the entire process of transforming a theatrical act into a digital audiovisual work and the impact of the latter on its first audience.


The Angels of Joy are presented here: 

Angels of Joy – Giving Joy Where There Is Need

“Angels of Joy” is a team consisting of dedicated professionals, offering psychosocial support through Art to some of the most vulnerable individuals of society, aiming to bring hope and joy into their hearts.  Our work is rooted in the values of humanism, compassion and kindness.

Every day and with constant steps, we pave the way for an expanded culture in the field of health and welfare. Our goal is to bring upon a reality where human contact, meaningful communication and emotional security will be considered essential elements of a dignified life. We believe in the power of art!

It is our main guide, and we use it in our programs therapeutically, educationally and as an inspiration; embracing the feelings of our fellow human beings who are facing serious difficulties in their everyday lives.

Our work is carried out by specially trained artists, educators and music therapists through:

  • music therapy
  • theatrical performances
  • psychoeducational artistic programs
  • music and dance programs
  • experiential support programs for employees.

Since 2011, when the Angels began their activities with theatrical performances at Children’s hospitals, up to this day, more than 15,000 people (ranging from newborns to the elderly) have received the beneficial intervention of the “Angels of Joy” team.

Locations where our programs are carried out:

– children’s hospitals in Attica (Children’s General Hospital of Penteli, “Panagiotis and Aglaias Kyriakou”, “Agia Sofia”)

– children’s oncology unit “Marianna V. Vardinoyannis-ELPIDA”

– Child Protection Institutions and Child and Family Support Centres

– institutions for people with disabilities, special education and special schools

– in Elderly Care Units, Day Care Centers for The Elderly and Open Aged Protection Centres.



Originally from Brazil, Cristina is a dancer and counsellor for the harmonisation of the physical and subtle bodies, through coordination and movement, as well as a certified therapist for “Embrace of Love” according to Jirina Prekop. She teaches samba therapy – a method that improves psychosomatic abilities in a harmonious and pleasant way. She has appeared in TV series and movies in both Brazil and in Greece and is a founding member of Askitirion, an artistic group as well as home for arts and ideas. Cristina has been with “Angels of Joy” since 2014 and participates in music and dance programmes especially adapted for the needs of the elderly. Since 2016, she is in charge of programmes in the Elderly Care Units and the organisation of events.


DIMITRA GLIATI: Director of Theatrical Performances.

An actress and director, Dimitra studied acting at the “D.Fotiadis” drama school, as well as cinema at the “Hatzikos” school and clown art at the Caramba school of Madrid. She has participated in numerous theatrical performances in Greece (“Vakhes”, “Iphigenia in the Land of The Bulls” Dimitra has directed children’s performances such as “The Little Prince” and “The Wizard of Oz” for the Danaos cinema, as well as the performances “Theseus & Ariadne”, “Shirley Valentine”, “Tribute to Greek Cinema” and “Olympic Games” played on cruise ships of “Louis Cruises”. She joined the Angels of Joy team in 2014, as an actress; in 2017 Dimitra took over directing their theatrical plays and as of 2019 she is in charge of the Children’s Hospital Department.



ACHILLEAS GAVRIILIDIS: Digital Programs Coordinator

Achilleas is a child psychologist and theatrical play therapist. He studied psychology at the University of Toulouse in France, and in parallel, attended theatrical clown seminars with Nicole Garreta and Juliette Jamois. He has worked as a child psychologist in schools and in various institutions (daycare centres, institutions for people with disabilities) in Toulouse, where he was particularly engaged in with the therapeutic use of the clown character. In 2016, he co-created the play “Neurotypiks” with the aim of raising public awareness about neurological disorders; a play which was performed at various institutions in Toulouse. Since 2019, he has been participating in “Angels of Joy” programmes as an animator at Child Protection Institutions and Children’s Hospitals. Since 2020 he is the Coordinator of the Digital Programs and he is in charge of the “Angel Clown” Program.



KLARI PROKOPIOU: Scenario Co-creator

Klairi is a theatrologist, theatre educator and writer; she received her bachelor’s degree in Theatrology (National and Kapodistrian University of Athens) and her MA in Applied Theatre (Goldsmiths, University of London). She has attended a two-year Proofreading & Editing course (EKEBI), as well as creative writing seminars. She has worked as a co-author of children’s books (KEDROS Editions) and book editor, while making theatrical adaptations in Greek and English. Klairi’s working experience in the art sector includes her experience as a stage assistant (Marianna Toli Children’s Stage), assistant director and theatrologist, and as a founding member of the art space “Askitirion”. In London, she worked in the role of teacher’s assistant in visual arts and theatre lessons; she volunteered in charities and attended various drama workshops, such as Ensemble Theatre (Ariane Mnoushkine), Playback Theatre, etc. In 2018, she joined the “Angels of Joy” in the position of Co-ordinator of Programmes in Child Protection Institutions, as a drama workshop facilitator and as part of the playwriting team.




Takis is a Professional & Corporate Development Consultant. He studied Business Administration at Kingston University UK (DMS, MBA) and Counseling Psychology at American Liberty University (B.Sc.). He has multiple years of experience in company organisation and development, in the provision of consulting services as well as Human Resources training. Panagiotis has implemented a significant number of seminars utilising the experiential method and aiming at improving personal and professional skills. Concurrently, he designs and implements innovative training and counselling programmes for private companies and the public sector, as well as organisations in Greece and Cyprus. He is an exclusive partner and representative for the European CADIC Programme in Greece, aiming at developing Cultural Capital in the business sector and a certified Adult Educator by the Ministry of Education. He is a member of the Hellenic Society of Business Administration, the Scientific Association of Adult Education and the Hellenic Society of Counselling and Orientation.



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