Six artists from six European post industrial waterfront heritage zones participates on the second of their six residencies, this one in Levadia, Greece. During the week, the artists will create a programme of inclusive and participatory activities related to local heritage sites as a counterpoint to top-down policies often associated with the regeneration of post-industrial European cities. They will work with citizens, community groups, politicians, urban planners and other stakeholders to create inclusive events and artistic interventions in order to inform future planning and regeneration policies around tangible and intangible heritage.

The project artists are:
Iwona Zając (Gdansk)
Jonas Myrstrand  (Gothenburg)
Mary Conroy (Limerick)
Rafika Chawishe (Levadia)
Siegfried Vynck (Ostend)
T.S. Beall (Govan)

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