Our new project “Creative Waves- Baltic Sisterhood of Change” focuses on working with craft traditions and how to communicate these skills through digital channels. It is now time to introduce you our expert artists from Sweden!

Halina Rosa is a Polish folk artist, painter and designer that lives in Stockholm. She has designed patterns from the provincial regions in Poland and Sweden and some of them have been patented. Her favourite themes in both painting and design are motifs from nature. From nature, she creates unique patterns, where she combines different world cultures. At the same time, she works with regional traditions in the design of new costumes and tries to promote Polish and Scandinavian Folklore all over the world.

When she moved in Sweden, she chased her artistic and also business ambitions. She has opened her own business while she actively participates in exhibitions and cultural events, in fairs, openings and folk fashion shows. Her goal is to promote Polish and Scandinavian culture.

The roots of culture are the most important thing for her. She would like to revive Scandinavian folklore. Hand-painted roses, flowers, natural elements, all in strong colors are the motifs in her collections. She is inspired by Scandinavian folk costumes and culture. With her own twist, she designs modern patterns to make Scandinavian folklore more alive in casual attire. .

In 2018, she was rewarded, and became an Ambassador for Business Women for promoting creativity, entrepreneurship in the world and to have achieved outstanding business success. She is the co-author of the second edition of Kinga Langley’s book “BUSINESS INSPIRATIONS WITH POLISH WOMEN IN THE WORLD”, where she shares her knowledge and inspires others to achieve financial and personal success.

In 2020 she become the Ambassador of World Polonia Heritage. She was rewarded as a Women with Passion 2020.

She holds fashion shows and events in the Scandinavian countries, with new collections inspired by folklore and with new pattern ideas.

Halina Rosa is the Editor in Chief of the DESIGNER magazine Stockholm, www.thedesigner.se
 author, THE AMBASSADOR OF DIVINE DIAMONDS, co-author, publicist, guidebook publisher, How to become a designer I, II, Ambassador of World Polonia Heritage 2020, Business Women Ambassador 2018, ambassador of creativity, member of the artistic association Proformart www.proformart.se

She is also the founder of the Foundation of Supporting Culture and International Cooperation named Halina Rosa.