Now it is time to register your school to the Juventus Translatores (young translators) 2019!

Juvenes Translatores is a translation contest being held for high school students born in 2002 to designate the best young translators in the European Union. The aim of the contest is to promote language skills, and the profession of translation. The contest wants to show the importance of language-learning and translation within the EU. The contestants will translate text from one official EU-language into another. If you for example want to study in another country, or work abroad in the future: then it is really favorable being able to master another language.

The contest is held on the 21 November between 10.00-12.00 (Brussels time). All information about the contest’s rules and instruction is available here. The amount of schools that can participate from each country is the same as each country has seats in the European Parliament. The winners will be invited to Brussels where the price will be distributed. Take the chance to register your school!

Last day of applicaion/registration is 20 October 2019. Here is the link to the application.