The artist representing Gothenburg, Sweden, in Memory of Water is Jonas Myrstrand from Studio Jox. Originally from Stockholm, Jonas now since many years lives since 1990 in Gothenburg working as a film maker and guest teacher at different university’s and highschool’s. During the week in Levadia, Jonas will be documenting and filming the process, actions and interactions of all the artists to trace the learning and impacts of Memory of Water in all the partner cities. An artistic documentary film will be produced bringing together the shared experiences of the artists, their collaborators and participants.

Jonas Myrstrand have been working with memories of Gothenburg as a shipyard and has produced several web-apps and VR on cultural heritage. Jonas dream is to create a virtual museum of animated memories, a Virtual Reality Shipyard museum in Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

Gothenburg as River City
One of the largest urban development projects in Scandinavia, RiverCity Gothenburg will see Gothenburg city centre double in size. By connecting the city, embracing the water and reinforcing the centre, the devleopers and the city administration committed themselves to creating an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city open to the world. Emerging along both sides of the river, RiverCity Gothenburg spans over many areas, among others the old shipyard area Lindholmen that will be shown in other movies from now and than, and Ring island, also soon being transformed to a modern housing area. The objective is to build a total of 25,000 new apartments and 45,000 new workplaces. You can track the progression of the project here. Please take a look.

VGR FILM Reportage
What seems to be missing from our post industrial waterfront heritage zones is that sense of belonging: we have lost the right to the city through industry, property development and issues of land ownership. Through the work of art and artists, we can glimpse once again what city life might be like if we could take the ownership of our streets and waterfronts once again.

The OLD Shipyard (Animation)
This is a study in Virtual Reality animation, showing technological possibilities to create an almost real life environment the spectator can go into, watching work done at the shipyard, re-created out of old films and photographs. The feeling film creators want to achieve is a live environment, a digital museum of memories. A virtual world of the past re-created with the technology of the future, by Jonas Myrstrand.

Now & Then
And now the past and the present, captured in photos from now & then, along the northern river bank in Gothenburg, Sweden. An area of cultural heritage that once was the leading shipyards in the world. Pictures show an area, which looks alike, all other shipyard areas in Europe, like the shipyard in Gdansk we have seen earlier in this transmission. Follow us on the travel through old and new Gothenburg.
Photographs from 1918 – to 2018 by Jonas Myrstrand and the Shipyard Associations in Gothenburg.