TUESDAY 25 NOVEMBER, 11:00-15:45
Free but a number of seats, sign up here (europadirekt@intercult.se)

We want to hear your voice regarding the future of the European project. 

Intercult and Europa Direkt Stockholm work to promote the debate on European cultural issues in Sweden and therefore join us in the dialogue on the European project’s future. Together with our partners, we invite you to a conversation in Botkyrka that is arranged with Trans Europe Halles, Subtopia, Blivande, Smart Coop, Fanzingo och The Good Talents.

On November 25 2021, we will gather a group consisting of You who work as freelance cultural workers, cultural producer, youth activist, culture activist, representative for culture umbrella organisations or representative of an association that works with women,  adolescents or ethnic minorities. In Subtopia’s hospitable premises, we invite you to a conversation about the voice of civil society in the public European debate and about the opportunities for culture to have a stronger role in creating Europe’s future 

The results will be compiled into a list of suggestions. The list of proposals will be published on the Conference on the Future of Europe’s public platform and will be part of a collection of recommendations from 12 other countries that will be presented directly to the European Parliament; through our partner, the pan-european network Culture Action Europe(CAE).


Date: 25 November 2021

Location: Studio 3, Subtopia Rotemannavägen 16, Botkyrka

Time: 11.00- 15.45

Organizers: Europa Direkt Stockholm, Intercult, Trans Europe Halles

Registration: You are welcome to sign up by email to europadirekt@intercult.se
(Use Subject/title: “Anmälan till Amplify event 25 november 2021”)

During the meeting, we will discuss key themes and issues around the view of culture in Europe’s future and identify three key proposals on culture that can be put forward to the Conference on Europe’s future

  • How would you describe a “better Europe” ?
  • What problems do you observe in your local area that need more attention around Europe??
  • What are the misconceptions about your area?
  • What difficulties do you and your acquaintances face in your cultural context?
  • How can culture contribute to Europe’s future?


11:00 – 12:00 Welcome and Icebreaker
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch
13.30 – 13:45 Opening words from representatives of the European Commission’s representation in Sweden
13:45 – 15:45 Workshop


What is Europa Direkt Stockholm

Europa Direkt Stockholm (EDS) works together with the host organization Intercult as a resource center on European issues for both the cultural sector and for the broad target group of citizens in Stockholm. Europa Direkt Stockholm has the task of informing the public and the cultural sector about EU-related issues in accordance with the European Commission’s priorities.
We have been part of the Europa Direkt network since 2009. EDS is the only office in Sweden with cutting-edge expertise on the conditions of culture in Europe but also with solid general expertise on European policy. Our accessibility in Stockholm in combination with being part of the European network helps to reduce the distance between the EU and its citizens.
We monitor, communicate and analyze current information about the EU and European policy. We organize webinars, lectures and information sessions and publish information on social media.

What is Trans Europe Halles

Trans Europe Halles is the European network of grassroots cultural centers. It has been at the forefront of reusing abandoned buildings for art, culture and activism since 1983. TEH members convert abandoned buildings across Europe into living centers of art and culture. They transform communities, neighborhoods and cities. TEH is one of the oldest and most dynamic cultural networks in Europe. Based in Sweden, and currently has 135 members in 39 different countries across Europe.

What is  Conference on the Future of Europe 

The conference on the future of Europe is a series of debates and discussions where people from all over the EU can share their ideas and contribute to creating our common future. The initiative is the first of its kind. It is an EU-wide democratic process with a new public forum for an open and inclusive debate on several key priorities and challenges

What is Amplify: Make the Future of Europe Yours

Amplify: Make the future yours is a project that works in 12 European countries with bringing forward underrepresented voices to the European parliament. This primary goal is to gather ideas, suggestions, recommendations and and concerns about the view of culture in future Europe. 
Through local events, we will together as a group write a set of recommendations. These will then be sent to the Conference on the Future of Europe for the public to take part in. Culture Action Europe will present your recommendations, together with recommendations from a total of 12 countries directly to EU decision-makers.

What is Culture Action Europe

Culture Action Europe (CAE) is a European network of member organizations, cultural organizations and individuals that are committed to promoting culture as a necessary condition for sustainable development both locally and on a European scale.CAE is the first platform to inform about opinions and debates on arts and culture policy in the EU.
As the only intersectoral network, CAE brings together all cultural practitioners, from performing arts to literature, visual arts, design, to gathering centers and activist groups.. CAE believes in the value of culture and values and its contribution to development of sustainable and inclusive societies.