Gülbeden Kulbay
is an interdisciplinary artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a prolific career spanning 19 years, her varied artistic practice includes performance, community-engaged art, and culinary actions. At the core of her work lie questions and explorations of the body; of presence and sensual experience; of connecting with other bodies, be they human or non-human. Connection, collaboration and negotiation in particular are fundamental to her practice, as she endeavours to illuminate the network of interrelations and interdependencies we are all enmeshed in – to show how we all need each other. In this sense, her works offer a critique of the capitalist mode of living and the sense of alienation from self and others it engenders. Kulbay’s work has been shown in Sweden, across Europe, and the USA, with pieces currently in the collections of Falun Kommun and Botkyrka Kommun.

Read more about Gülbeden Kulbay’s artistry here: https://gulbedenkulbay.com/

Photo: Kegen Lorentzon
Text: Alexandra Papademetriou

Gülbeden Kulbay will work with cultural heritage in Botkyrka municipality within the project eyelander.