Marika af Trolle
Tobias Sjöberg 
Aprill Wise Spendrup 
Gülbeden Kulbay
Jan Manker
Jonna Kina
Anna Gerge
Åsa Cederqvist
Martin Christensen

Eyelander is a project that brings together artists in Stockholm in a discussion about cultural heritage and climate change. On the one hand, it is a digital exhibition consisting of 10 site-specific artworks spread across 10 municipalities in the Stockholm region. On the other, it is a forum for dialogue about cultural heritage, the climate and digital tools in art. The aim of the project is to explore what happens to our common cultural heritage in the face of potentially life-altering climate change. Through the power of art, we wish to create new meeting places and encourage all those who interact with the project to engage in cultural heritage issues, locally and regionally.

New meeting places and experiences
Artists and cultural workers that appreciate places of cultural-historical significance and who value cultural heritage, can provide innovative ways to present the topic and to create new meeting places. The audience(s) in the 10 municipalities will experience the cultural heritage site through the artist’s senses and perspective. The project acknowledges that artists are often overlooked as actors that can actively work with societal issues, in our case the climate, and it wishes to turn this view around. Eyelander encourages art that uses digital tools, which can offer ground-breaking ways to experience cultural heritage. With so much in society becoming digitalised, we do not want art and culture to be left behind.

The digital eye
Climate change poses a challenge to how we are to safeguard cultural heritage for future generations. This issue will also be a topic of interest in Eyelander. By collecting and exhibiting all artworks digitally after the physical exhibitions, we come with one of the solutions for how cultural heritage sites – or discussions about cultural heritage – can be archived and experienced looking forward.

The title “eyelander”
Eyelander as a title has been chosen to reflect this multifaceted exhibition. It is a conscious choice of an English title, where “eye” alludes to the vision and perspective of the artist. The allusion to “islander” is a reference to the many areas in Stockholm that are situated close to, or surrounded by, water. This means that many of the city’s inhabitants are in fact islanders. In this project, the selected “islanders” (the artists) will share their vision and perspective on their chosen area of the city and thereby motivate the name and concept behind “eyelander”.

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Eyelander (2022-2023) is a digital art project that, from an artistic perspective, explores issues of climate and cultural heritage in Stockholm.

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