Displaced in Media Recipe Book is a way of gathering learning from those people and organisations who are working for greater participation by – and representation of – those with refugee backgrounds in the media. It is based on the work of nine organisations from across Europe that were part of an Erasmus+ project called Displaced in Media in 2017-18 – Association of Creative Initiatives “ę”, British Film Institute, European Cultural Foundation, Fanzingo, Kurziv, MODE Istanbul, Les Têtes de l’Art, We Are Here and ZEMOS98. These are either socially engaged media organisations that are interested in working more with newcomers, or they are organisations that work with newcomers who are interested in working with media.

This booklet draws on the metaphor of a recipe book because media is no longer a simple framework of power and influence where ideas can easily be assembled. Old ideas of ‘mainstream’ and ‘alternative media’ have collapsed. New social platforms have divided the web into enclaves of mutually reinforcing opinions. It is hard to know where the public realm begins or how the things that happen in the public realm shape the way people think or the choices they make.

In these circumstances trying to enter the public realm is a bit like cooking – a haphazard process of combining mediums, platforms and processes to try to reach others to educate, persuade and inform.

Learn about the practices and methodologies of the nine organisations of Displaced in Media here.