The workshop in Rome is now starting and we are so excited that Intercult represented by our CEO Iwona Preis is participating.

This workshop is part of our Marie Curie Horizon 2020 exchange “SOS climate waterfronts” project.

The project S.O.S. Climate Waterfront has been developed with the aim to improve sustainable research structure that enables new solutions and strategies to be found and might reverse the vulnerability of urban waterfronts. Through an interdisciplinary methodology, the S.O.S Climate Waterfront fills the gap in the understanding of how the different scales of urban and landscape planning, architectural design and technology are linked in water related strategies and how they impact each other. It goes beyond economic features to reflect cultural, political, environmental and social, characteristics that influence the quality of human life in the context of climate transformation.


We are looking forward to a creative month full of workshops, study visits, presentations, dialogues, conferences, networking, walks, dinners, boat trips and many more!

We are pleased to share the Agenda with you.

Read more here:

Agenda Spring Workshop ROME_2022